Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ripping Video CD (VCD)

I have a VCD which I bought years back in a year which I didn't remember. Since I want let my family watch in on TV which can be connected via USB hard disk, I want to have the copy in AVI format. So I need to rip it first.

1- Rip using K3b. If you have 2CDs, you need to create two separate folder
2- Rename the file in 2nd CD to follow the sequence of first CD.

For example; 1st CD might produce bla1.mpg, bla2.mpg. 2nd CD will have bla1.mpg also. Rename it to bla3.mpg

3- Using cat command combine them all;

cat bla1.mpg bla2.mpg bla3.mpg > all.mpg

4- Use ffmpeg to convert the combined file to AVI format

ffmpeg -i all.mpg -qscale 2 mymovie.avi

Hope it works.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

VMware kernel patch for Linux Mint 13 Maya


I tried several times running VMware player on my Mint machine to no success. Luckily a Mint user blogged it out here . I mirrored her VMware player patch so that it will have several copies here

Successfully running on my machine now. Sweet!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

ifstat - showing real time network

Ever use ifconfig to configure or check your IP address. There is also "ifstat", the purpose is to show simple stats, and in real time the usage of your network bandwidth.

najmi@vostro:~$ ifstat -tib wlan0
  Time          wlan0      
HH:MM:SS   Kbps in  Kbps out
00:23:36     64.79     57.53
00:23:37     43.89     54.96
00:23:38     56.76     54.02
00:23:39     25.62     16.33

Use CTRL+C to terminate.. as other console based tool.
Switch to -b flag to get the reading in KB or kbps

najmi@vostro:~$ ifstat -ti wlan0
  Time          wlan0      
HH:MM:SS   KB/s in  KB/s out
00:23:47      4.97      5.12
00:23:48      3.00      2.61
00:23:49      4.83      4.70
00:23:50      3.85      4.26

If this not satisfy you, check my tutorial on ntop.