Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ripping Video CD (VCD)

I have a VCD which I bought years back in a year which I didn't remember. Since I want let my family watch in on TV which can be connected via USB hard disk, I want to have the copy in AVI format. So I need to rip it first.

1- Rip using K3b. If you have 2CDs, you need to create two separate folder
2- Rename the file in 2nd CD to follow the sequence of first CD.

For example; 1st CD might produce bla1.mpg, bla2.mpg. 2nd CD will have bla1.mpg also. Rename it to bla3.mpg

3- Using cat command combine them all;

cat bla1.mpg bla2.mpg bla3.mpg > all.mpg

4- Use ffmpeg to convert the combined file to AVI format

ffmpeg -i all.mpg -qscale 2 mymovie.avi

Hope it works.

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